Fluently was a professional human translation services market place startup. I worked there from October 2015 to February 2016. As first employee, my responsibilities spanned the entire stack, but my focus was UI/UX  design and front end build. While working there I reimagined the UIs and UX for:

  • the landing page
  • translation project creation flow
  • translation project management
  • translator’s public profile’s (think domain specific LinkedIn profiles)
  • translator onboarding and profile creation and editing
  • site wide UI features such as navigation and notifications

All this was designed in the browser targeting the last two versions of the major browsers. In the course of my time there I moved the company away from an over-reliance on the visual style of the angular material framework and created a new, sleek, enterprise friendly visual style which was enforced with modular SASS and reusable angular directives. A directive first policy was adopted and angular controllers were phased out to future proof the angular 1.x codebase with a view to migrating to angular 2.0. I left the Fluently before this migration took place.

Below are selected screenshots of my the site taken in the month I left the company:

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