Flappy Tom

My friend Tom ran for the position of President of Imperial College Union in my last year of university. I built a bog standard WordPress site for the campaign but the real differentiating factor was Flappy Tom, a Flappy Bird clone. Our intention was to add a viral element to the election campaign, and it worked; it was covered by The Tab and The Kernal and has been played by upwards of 2,000 people.


The reason this is in labs and not my portfolio is because most of the hard work was done by Ellison Leão in the form of Clumsy Bird, an open source clone of Flappy Bird built with melon.js. I tweaked some of the variables to make the game easier and made a few other tweaks while my friend Yasmin created the cool pixel art graphics.

Play Flappy Tom

Data Viewer

I built a simple web app to reload a data file via AJAX at a user determined interval to aid me with my computational Physics development. It somewhat evolved to include line graphing functionality and a pendulum simulator which uses HTML5 canvas. It has some sample data but isn’t that user friendly (hence a strictly labs project).

Go to demo || GitHub