A Yeoman Generator for Google Cardboard

Generator Cardboard is a yeoman generator that scaffolds out a web app that’s Google Cardboard ready. I’ve been working on virtual reality web apps for Google Cardboard at work and found that while there were many blogs to get people up and running, there was no yeoman generator to scaffold out the tedious boilerplate code each app requires. So I built one.

Version 1.0.0 of generator cardboard (the current version at the time of writing) offers some basic configuration. The user can choose whether to include Twitter Bootstrap, SASS and Modernizr and choose whether to build out a simple virtual reality scene built with THREE.js or whether to have no VR environment built. Regardless of configuration, once run you are left with a project directory structure which serves a landing page for you Google Cardboard VR experience which launches the experience into fullscreen at the tap of a button.

Two questions and you're on your way building a google cardboard compatible virtual reality web app
Two questions and you’re on your way building a google cardboard compatible virtual reality web app

I intend to continue development to incorporate a helper library (that I haven’t yet written) which aims to provide a simple API to set up Google Cardboard compatible VR environments. This will make initial setup of an app as simple as possible without occluding any of the power of THREE.js.

I’m using GitHub pages as a homepage proper for the project which you can view here. I also keep a demo page available so you can see what the generator spits out by default.

The code is open source, hosted on GitHub and you can view it’s npm package page here. I’m very keen to receive feedback from new and experienced VR developers alike. If you’ve got any comments tweet me @jeshuamaxey or open and issue on GitHub.

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