Werd is the simplest way of getting text onto a screen that I could think to build. The idea came to me when I wanted to say something to my friend sitting next to me, but couldn’t speak too loudly as we were in an audience. I just wanted to type my thoughts and have him read my message. In that moment all the text editors on my laptop would have been too cumbersome to open and required me to fiddle to make the font size large enough. Thus, werd was born.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 20.34.31

Werd is incredibly simple. I set myself the task of making it in a single file and at the time of writing it comprises a 149 line index.html file. That said, werd does sport some features (though that’s stretching the definition somewhat).

Using the local storage HTML5, werd remebers whatever you wrote in it the last time you closed the page. It also has the option to change text colour (hint: check the javascript terminal). Finally, you can toggle between all caps and mixed case lettering by clicking the on werd in the bottom left of the screen.

I used no libraries, opting instead to brush up on my vanilla javascript skills. This took me the grand total of about 20 minutes to make.

Checkout the code here.

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