One Young World

While working with Decoded in the Summer of 2013 I was tasked with building two web applications for the One Young World conference in South Africa. The first was a visualisation of all the incoming flights of the attendees using the actual flight data provided to us by the conference; the second was an explorable map of all the attendees, intended as a tool for attendees to find people with mutual interests from across the world. The visualisation was shown during the opening keynote of the event.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 19.30.37

Watch the visualisation presented at the keynote on YouTube

The visualisation’s front end uses jQuery for simple user interaction and D3.js for the complicated visualisation tasks. The attendee map uses leaflet.js to draw the map and jQuery to handle user interaction. Both apps make use of a PHP API built by a colleague.

The flight map visualisation can be viewed here.

The attendee map is no longer publicly accessible. The code for these projects is not open source.