A Syntax Highlighted Email Signature

Mid revision I had the idea to format my email signature such that it would justify syntax highlighting, and then apply syntax highlighting to it. No real reason to do this. Just seemed like fun, so I tweeted it then did nothing.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsAs it happens, Twitter is full of wonderfully specific accounts. One such account, @HTMLSignatures picked up my tweet and asked for more details.


A work in progress

So I figured I’d show you all here as I go through the process of tweaking and refining. Feel free to add comments below. Just as a heads up; the code block below is set to highlight JavaScript. The content is editable so play around with it and tweet me screenshots of alternative configurations.

*   Jeshua Maxey
var phone = +44 7777 777 777;
var web = "http://jeshua.co";
var linked = "In/jeshuamaxey";
var twitter = "@jeshuamaxey";

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