All Over Teh Interwebz

This isn’t really a blog post, more of an index of what I’ve written over the past week or so. See here:

TEDMEDLive Imperial:

For those of you that don’t know, I’m part of the team putting on TEDMEDLive Imperial. I have many responsibilities, and will probably talk about the experience and lessons learnt in a more substantial blog post once it’s over and I’m less busy. Until then, you can keep track of developments with my blog posts on Don’t forget to like the Facebook page and follow on twitter as well for the most recent news and exclusive competitions.


I was lucky enough to be invited along for a day of inspiring talks at the London School of Economics last Saturday.


It was a very enjoyable day and extremely professionally produced independent TED event. I reviewed it for Felix (Imperial College’s student newspaper). You can find my kind words here.

Imperial Tab:

Lastly, a new publication has emerged on the web over the last month or so at Imperial. Imperial Tab is a kind of campus specific red top, and they let me write ridiculous ideas into ‘features’. So far I’ve dissected a popular facebook page at Imperial in ‘Top 5: Worst “Spotted: Central Library”‘ and put forward my suggestions for 5 unlikeable but better options for the role as Pope.

So that’s my round up and my (I think justified) excuse for a lack of activity on my own website. Let me know your thought on any of my latest musings on twitter.