Commuting home on Wednesday 9th January 2013

Today I promised myself two things. Firstly, that I would document my tube ride home as a way to keep the tedium at bay and stimulate my mind during my commute, and secondly that I would post the result on my blog. I write lots of poetry, but rarely finish any of it. This second criterium ensured today’s poem wouldn’t remain unfinished. Enjoy.

Below is the result.

Commuting home on Wednesday 9th January 2013

I fumble to de-mangle
A cord cunningly tangled
By a pocket that knows all the knots.

With earphones un-mauled
And music installed
My head bobs me t’wards the ticket-machine-brawl.

Out of my wallet and onto the scanner
The city, my oyster.
The barrier clatters its approval.

Pacing against a diesel driven breeze
I confuse myself with westbound and east.
I slow to think but think too slowly.

I arrived too late
I commenced my wait.

Not too long after,
A rumble and scrape
Announces the arrival of a White and Blue Snake.

In I cram.

And the closeness of strangers outweighs their kindness.

I carve out a space to lean
And I wait my turn to leave.